Bill Posey endorsed by A People’s and Citizens’ Congress

Congressman Bill Posey (R, FL8) is one of the rare incumbents to receive the endorsement of A People’s and Citizens’ Congress [APaCC]. He has earned it because of his campaign towards “Reforming Congress”, including support for “No Budget/No Pay”, ending congressional pay raises, opposition to congressional pay increases and death benefits, and cutting his own congressional office budget.

Bill is one of the less than 1% of candidates by APaCC nationwide. This sets him clearly apart at all levels: Locally and most directly – vs. his opponent; as one of only 4 such candidates statewide, and one of only 66 such candidates nationwide.

APaCC’s prime criteria for endorsement are twofold: (i) Some recognition that Congress-as-an-institution is badly in need of at least one of the 3R’s: reform, revamp or repair, and (ii) Some efforts (if an incumbent) or pledges of efforts (if a non-incumbent candidate) to effect specific reforms [e.g., term-limits, no budget/no pay, moving power and money out of Washington]. Other initiatives such as campaign finance reform only count if there is evidence of (i) and (ii).

Devotion to the FIX CONGRESS! goal truly separates congressional sheep from the goats. For the first time, voters are now enabled to tell which candidates have been or are likely to be “captured” by the go-along/get-along, giant re-election machine that Washington has become. Those who ignore the need to FIX CONGRESS! are happy to go to Washington to pursue congressional business-as-usual. Bill Posey is not one of these. Nor is he a candidate who is NOT listening to his constituents. Nearly 100% of the thousands met during APaCC’s 2015-16 national tour said: “Yea, Congress is broke and must be fixed.” Congressman Posey has heard many such voices in his district, and he is prepared to act on their behalf.

Voters now have a basis for doing what so many have been saying they’d like to do: “Throw the bums out.” Just ask any candidate: “What are you going to do to FIX CONGRESS!” Bill is one of the rare few with an answer.

APaCC is a 3-year old 501(c)(4) organization dedicated to generating a Congress that both better represents and empowers “We the People.” Thus, we aim to FIX CONGRESS! while recognizing that there is no quick fix. Congress has proven unable to fix itself; thus, it’s up to us, the American people.