FLASHPOINT : Posey Lagoon champion

Originally posted May 2015

Lisa Bell: Who are the champions in Tallahassee for the Indian River Lagoon?

Matt Reed: That’s kind of hard to say. I think there are a lot of people who are advocating for that Amendment 1 money to be applied to projects like this. Again, fortunately in Brevard County we are represented by Steve Crissifulli, who is the House Speaker and is probably the state’s leader on water issues. Don’t get that guy talking about water, because he’ll go all day long and I really think he will come through ultimately.

Another person is Senator Andy Gardiner, from Orlando, also represents the Space Cast. He’s been great on this issue.

And then, up in Washington DC , Senator – uh, Congressman Bill Posey, who represents Brevard & Indian River Counties – conservative guy, maybe he was a little slow to come around on this issue, but he has had meetings at Florida Tech with marine biologist and others and he seems to be onboard with directing money – in fact he introduced some bills to free up some money to get sent down to the estuary program that can help with these projects.

So those are three people who, if you went to write now, or sent an E-mail to, or call, it would help out a lot.