FLORIDA TODAY: Reelect Posey to Congress

U.S. Rep. Bill Posey has been a problem-solver for Brevard County and a champion in the House for the U.S. space program.

We don’t agree with some of Posey’s politics. But based on his record and positions on issues that matter most to Space Coast voters, we recommend re-electing the Rockledge Republican to Congress.

Of the three good candidates in the race for House District 8, Posey impressed us as the strongest candidate on space, business growth, fiscal responsibility and homeland security.

For eight years, Posey and his staff have scheduled appointments with House members from across the country to sell NASA, military space and now commercial space missions as worthy of support. In 2015 Posey co-sponsored legislation, signed by the president, that ensures the legal rights of private space exploration companies to own and use minerals discovered on asteroids. Officials at Space Florida praised the act.

On business growth, Posey has hosted entrepreneurship workshops while in Brevard – a nice, practical effort. In Washington, he has been a business-savvy yet aggressive critic of federal banking and securities regulators who failed to act on fraudsters such as Bernie Madoff and who were never disciplined for negligence in the mortgage crisis.

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