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Jobs and Economy

In the first 30 months of the Trump Administration nearly 7 million American have found jobs, moving from unemployment to work. This has come through a combination of economic policies of lower taxes, common sense regulation and an approach to governing that puts American interests first.

Since the 2016 election taxes on U.S. businesses and corporations is no longer the highest in the developed world.  We reduced those taxed and they responded by building new factories in America and creating millions of new jobs here at home. Most liberals in Washington don’t understand that small businesses pay taxes at the individual rate, so by cutting taxes for individuals we cut taxes on tens of millions of small businesses and they have created most of the new jobs in recent years.

While we were not able to block Obamacare and the failed 2009 stimulus plan that largely wasted over $1 trillion taxpayer dollars on failed “stimulus” initiatives that enriched Obama Administration friends, created dead-end short-term jobs, and failed to spark an economic recovery, we were able to block their proposed “cap and trade” national energy tax.  This energy tax scheme – whether hidden or direct – would have imposed a $2 trillion-dollar cost to our economy resulting in the loss of even more American jobs and higher prices. Sadly, this ill-advised plan is back and is known as the Green New Deal which has been endorsed by every single Democrat running for President and was approved in concept in a non-binding vote by Speaker Pelosi’s new House majority in early 2019.

Inexpensive American energy, combined with lower taxes, has been the spark that has led to the creation of millions of jobs and a resurgence of American manufacturing since 2016. The Green New Deal would kill America’s economic growth and millions of jobs. Driving up the cost of energy will only cause our economy to suffer more, drive businesses and jobs overseas, make it harder for American-made products to compete, and take more money out of your wallet to pay for gasoline or electricity leaving less for a necessity, a movie, dinner out, college savings or tuition, or clothes for the kids.

When President Trump was sworn into office, federal regulators across hundreds of federal agencies and offices were in the process of writing 4,000 regulations. In 2017 we were able to put the brakes on many of these excessive regulations by injecting transparency and a little common sense.