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President Donald Trump Endorses Bill Posey To Fight For Florida

April 24, 2020

Rockledge, FL—President Donald Trump issued a strong public endorsement of Conservative Congressman Bill Posey, who represents Florida’s 8th Congressional District and has been one of the biggest advocates for conservative values and government accountability in Congress.

“Congressman Bill Posey is a tremendous fighter for the great state of Florida. He is a big supporter of our #MAGA agenda – strong on crime, the second amendment, and loves our veterans and law enforcement. Bill has my complete and total endorsement,” said President Trump

Bill Posey, a member of the Freedom Caucus, has worked closely with President Trump to grow the economy, secure our borders, and keep America great.

Posey has passed into law more than 20 of his legislative initiatives, including legislation to grow and maintain our leadership in space, drain the swamp and keep Congress and lobbyists accountable, simplify tax filing for senior citizens, support the restoration of the Indian River Lagoon, and to expand care for our veterans. Posey has also been instrumental in passing hundreds of other initiatives aimed at job creation, commonsense regulatory reforms, lowering taxes for the American people and businesses, and bringing greater accountability to government.

“I am very honored to have the endorsement of President Trump and appreciate his support.  His commitment to putting America first, standing up for American values and American workers is a breath of fresh air. I’ve worked hard to champion those ideas for years, and I’m glad to work alongside the President while serving the people of East Central Florida,” said Posey.

Right now, Posey says, “While I’m focused on responding responsibly to the COVID-19 pandemic and helping my constituents get back to work, not on political campaigns, the President’s support is meaningful and encouraging.”

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