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President Donald Trump Endorses Bill Posey To Fight For Florida

June 17, 2022

Rockledge, FL — President Donald Trump issued a strong public endorsement of Conservative Congressman Bill Posey, who represents Florida’s 8th Congressional District and has been one of the biggest advocates for conservative values and government accountability in Congress.

“Congressman Bill Posey is doing a phenomenal job for the incredible people of Florida’s 8th Congressional District! A Conservative Warrior, Bill has consistently fought to uphold the rule of law, grow our economy, defend the second amendment, support our veterans and law enforcement, and drain the swamp,” said President Trump.

“It is a true honor to have the support and endorsement of President Trump,” said Posey. “While working together to serve the people of the United States, President Trump and I championed policies that put America first. Now, I am proud to continue our work and fight the good fight for our great nation.”


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