Health Care

The President’s health care law was the wrong prescription for our health care problems and I believe it should be repealed and replaced with a plan based on individual liberty and personal freedom. The Obamcare law undermines individual liberty and choice, adds trillions of dollars to the National Debt, has driven the cost of medical insurance even higher, has cut Medicare by over a half a trillion dollars, and imposed costly mandates on America’s job creators that has hampered job-creation and resulted in millions of Americans losing their health care plan. One side effect of this law is that many Americans are left with part time jobs rather than the full time jobs that they want and need.

Let’s be clear here. We absolutely need to fix the short-comings in the health care system, but the new law goes far beyond addressing the short-comings, as it is unaffordable, eliminates individual choice, puts your private health care information at risk, and puts government bureaucrats between you and your physician.

We should make sure that health insurers cannot drop people from coverage when they get sick. I’ve successfully gone after insurance companies when they charge Florida residents for health insurance and then refuse to pay medical bills or deny patients live-saving treatments. That’s fraud and it should be prosecuted.

We should have in place provisions that enable those with pre-existing conditions to enroll in affordable health insurance. And, we can do this without turning everything over to the federal government.

We need to enact policies that focus on driving costs down and making quality health insurance more affordable for all Americans. These proposals include putting in place market forces that empower individuals to make their own health care decisions. Americans should be permitted to purchase health insurance across state lines and we should encourage and expand tax-free Health Savings Accounts, which empower individuals in the health care marketplace. We should empower Americans to choose the health plan that best meets their needs and that they can afford, and adopt a generous tax deduction to enable the purchase of that health care coverage. And, we need better high-risk pools to ensure good affordable health insurance for those who otherwise could not afford insurance.